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We almost jumped with joy when Flair Gymnastics asked us to put together these trampolining printed badges, but then we decided to leave the jumping to the professionals while we stuck to what we were good at: creating high-quality printed badges.

Flair Gymnastics teach both children and adults to trampoline and their whole undertaking puts a real spring in our step! Cleverly, Flair’s printed badges both promote the club to the outside world, but also encourage their members to improve.

Not only do Flair’s printed badges celebrate their member’s trampolining successes but they also serve as a reward scheme to push their members to reach new heights! The printed badges we made for Flair come in a huge range of colours to represent different levels within the club. Fortunately, all of Golden Finishes's printed and embroidered products, including our printed badges, come in a whole spectrum of colours so we could create different printed badges for every trampolining level!

If Flair Gymnastic’s members decide to add their printed badges to their trampolining gear they can bounce away, happy in the knowledge that the high quality of our printed badges means that they will last and stay looking great no matter how high they jump!

To find out more about creating printed badges to promote or inspire your club, team, school or society, take a look through our website. Our printed badges are really easy to create and put together. Just upload your text, images and instructions and we will make you a fantastic selection of printed badges!

To prepare for serious, airsoft warfare, Team Spleen have gotten in touch with us to make them these fantastic embroidered badges! Team Spleen are a ramshackle mob of self-proclaimed nerds, dorks and geeks from Cambridgeshire who unite regularly, their embroidered badges proudly displayed, to become…Team Spleen!

We love Team Spleen’s logo and think that it looks fantastic on our embroidered badges. Our high quality embroidery service and Team Spleen’s awesome design have resulted in really good-looking Team Spleen embroidered badges.

All of our embroidered badges are created by our expert embroidery team which means that, no matter what sort of conflict you get into, whether you are battling the legions of darkness on your Xbox or taking down an enemy airsoft combatant, your embroidered badges will stay looking good.

Team Spleen has been airsofting, pub-quizzing, online gaming and drinking together for six years now and we love that they have decided to wear their team pride quite literally on their sleeves. Our embroidered badges look as kick-ass on Team Spleen as the squad look in the airsoft arena!

It couldn’t be easier to take the initiative from Team Spleen and create your very own team embroidered badges. Just send us your order, images and text and we will put together a mock-up sample for you! Once you’re happy with your embroidered badges you can order as many as you like to cook up some serious team pride! Use our simple step-by-step website to create your very own embroidered badges today.

John Sheppard, the man responsible for all the great embroidered clothing here at Golden Finishes, used his own embroidered clothing for good last weekend when he completed the Race the annual Sun triathlon-style challenge across the Lake District!

John and his team, kitted out in Golden Finishes’ quality active embroidered clothing, completed a 50 mile bike race, a brutal 3,116ft climb and a 2.5 mile canoe course all to raise money for charity. In the end, the total figure raised by the team was well over £4,000!

It took the team 12 ½ hours to speed, clamber and paddle their way to success and, in winds of up to 55mph, it was no mean feat! John was proud of how well his team and Golden Finishes’ embroidered clothing performed. The constant rain and testing conditions were not enough to dampen the drive of the team or spoil GF's top-quality embroidered clothing and, according to John, the whole thing was “all worth it!”.

The Race the Sun event is held every year in the Lake District to raise money for charity. The long-distance bike ride takes the competitors right through the heart of the stunning area to the foot of Helvellyn, the second highest mountain in England. After scaling the mountain, competitors still have to canoe 2.5 miles across the beautiful Thirlmere lake.

Here at Golden Finishes we are really proud of John and impressed with just how well our embroidered clothing held up under intense, physical pressure. We always knew that our embroidered clothing was of the highest quality but this new evidence of our embroidered clothing’s functionality is the cherry on the cake! Congratulations John!

At last! The rugby is back! Golden Finishes HQ is located proudly in Wales so we are extremely excited about the new season. To celebrate we thought we’d show you some of the printed sports wear and embroidered sports wear we’ve created for previous rugby seasons!

This is one of the embroidered sports wear items we’ve created for the Welsh Rugby League Juniors back in 2005. We are particularly proud of the high-quality embroidery on this embroidered cap! The red, white, gold and royal blue look brilliant and our expert embroidery team have made it to last. We hope the young rugby players of 2005 will be appreciating their Golden Finishes embroidered sports wear to this day!

If an embroidered cap is not your idea of practical, usable printed sports wear then you should check out our phenomenal range of embroidered and printed sports wear. We stock high-tech, high-performance printed sports wear from top brands like Gamegear and Nike, and we can add whatever embroidery or print you desire to these embroidered sports wear products so you can get your team kitted out in style for the season!

If you are more of a sofa-based sports fan than a muddy-kneed rugby star then we also have a fantastic range of printed sports wear available to help you cheer on your boys! Our printed sports wear is available in a huge range of colours and styles and, best of all; you can customise it however you want!

So show off your team pride this rugby season by customising our printed sports wear. To explore our range of quality printed and embroidered sports wear and find out how it can help your team, browse our website today!

At Golden Finishes we love it when products like our custom armbands and our expert services get used to promote and help with community initiatives, especially when they support brilliant causes like Haringey’s Clean Sweep programme.

Haringey Council got us to help them put together high visibility custom armbands to promote teamwork and help keep their volunteers safe! The programme involved lots of manual labour so our custom armbands’ high quality printing and comfortable elasticated fit came in really useful around all those bulging community biceps!

The Clean Sweep programme was designed to clean up the Haringey area and all members of the community were encouraged to pitch in to help give Haringey a bit of an Autumn clean! According to Counsellor Nilgun Canver: "This was real community action in practice. It's amazing what can be achieved when a community gets together with the council to improve their neighbourhood. Thank you everyone."

The custom armbands we created for Haringey’s Clean Sweep capitalized on our expert printing service to promote the cause in clear, modern text, while our high-visibility colour option kept everyone safe when the Autumn light started fading!

The initiative included the provision of free skips and gutter cleaning. On top of this, volunteers were encouraged to tackle fly-tippers, litterbugs and those who failed to clean up after their dogs. Our custom armbands helped lend a little authority to the volunteers so they felt confident enough to approach and challenge their less considerate fellow-residents.

If you are interested in using our elasticated, comfortable and perfectly printed custom armbands to promote your cause or bring together your group, just take a look around the Golden Finishes website!