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Winter is nearly upon us, with the nights getting longer and temperatures falling by the day; it’s getting colder! We British people think we are hardened to this weather, but it’s only bearable if you have the right selection of winter wear. For the first time in a few years I have updated my winter wardrobe, with new coats, gloves and my new favourite item the beanie hat! Now the cold doesn’t bother me at all, I don’t even remember what it was like to be cold.

I wear my new beanie everywhere; to work, to the shops, down to the pub, into town and in the bath. That last one was a small exaggeration but it is so handy to have. There is nothing worse than cold ears! Whilst I would urge everyone to buy one and become as smug as me, I would say that they are ideal for tradesmen and other outside workers.

I think this because they have two practical solutions. The first one being that it will insulate your head were normally most of your heat would dissipate into the atmosphere, hence keeping you warmer. The second is a far less obvious benefit; the fact the beanies cover up your hair! Sometimes when waking up bright and early in the morning you can have a serious case of ‘bed head’. The untidiest, messiest, sticky up bit of hair that anyone has ever seen. This is not what Mrs Jones wants to see first thing in the morning, she want to see a professional looking, polite and skilled tradesman to fix her guttering.

You can become that professional looking builder that is the talk of the town with some branded workwear. This will set you apart from your competitors, get your van branded and carry on raising that brand awareness with your work apparel. But in particular get beanie hats embroidered with your logo this Winter.

At GF we specialise in embroidering garments; using our state of the art techniques that we have developed over the last 30 years. Check our eshop now for the latest in quality winter hats ready to be branded with your company name and logo.

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It’s being described as one of the greatest and most dramatic comebacks in sporting history. After the US took a commanding lead at the start of the competition the result of the event looked inevitable. But the European team captained by Spaniard Jose Maria Olazabal had other ideas. The team captain was tactically brilliant.  By front-loading the strongest players for the Sunday singles matches, Olazabal helped Europe build the momentum that was desperately needed going into the last day. This momentum was almost lost in a dramatic turn of events as Rory McIlroy was nearly disqualified for missing his tee-off time. He had got his time wrong and was rushed to the course in an unmarked police car. McIlroy then went on to win a crucial point with his victory over American Keegan Bradley.

Before the event the European team weren’t given a chance by many. But with an extraordinary performance the team managed to overturn a 10-6 deficit to defeat the United States by 14½ points to 13½ points on a thrilling final day in Chicago. They had retained the cup they won in Wales two years ago. The victory was dedicated to the captain’s compatriot and close friend, the late Seve Ballesteros. The overzealous and over confident American golf fans who had once shouted ‘Get in the hole’ after every US tee shot had now been silenced. Instead they were left despondent and disappointed. The US players left the course with their heads in their hands.

But the victory was sweet for team Europe and their fans, including GF’s John Sheppard and Nigel Cames who had travelled over to Medinah Country Club to watch the event. The smug pair were kitted out in GF custom polo shirts and fleeces, embroidered with the European teams logo. The custom clothing helped them stand out from the star and stripe clad Americans. Accompanied with the beaming smiles post victory it was very clear who they were there to support.

It’s amazing what difference embroidery makes to outdoor wear.  If you are looking for a new embroidered clothing range that incorporates lots of outdoor wear choices then there are many to choose from online.  From warm winter fleeces through to t-shirts and sweatshirts you’ll find all you need online at a great price. 

Ordering embroidered clothing could not be easier thanks to the wonders of design and technology.  Many personalised clothing websites offer a service that allows you to choose and customise clothing to your exact specification.  You can usually specify your embroidered clothing to have a logo or a name stitched on and even your own artwork can be accommodated.  Clothing personalisation methods have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and the systems used are highly advanced and reliable. 

Embroidered clothing ordered online is also much cheaper than that which is ordered locally.  Online retailers are able to offer their clothing items at reduced prices as they have significantly lower overheads to worry about.  The choice online is amazing too.  If you are looking for a new outdoor wear uniform for your staff and you need embroidered clothing for the cooler months, there are many hats, jumpers, trousers, jackets and fleeces that will cater for your needs perfectly. 

Once you have ordered your embroidered clothing you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that your clothing will be with you as quickly as possible.  Your clothing will be produced to the very highest standard and ready to wear the moment you receive it.  If you have several sizes you need to order your embroidered clothing in then you can do this on the one order making for a very convenient and simple experience. 

Think about the clothing you would like to order and the amount you need.  Can you save money ordering more?  Many embroidered clothing stockists offer excellent discounts on bulk orders so why not stock up on your outdoor wear and ensure you always have a good supply of extra uniforms or clothing on hand. 

Personal orders can also be catered for.  If you are part of a club or you want a fleece or sweatshirt with your initials or name on this can also be arranged.  That’s the great thing about personalised embroidered clothing.  It can be done your way! 

When you need embroidered clothing from a company you can trust you only need to set your sights online.  You’ll find plenty of companies offering outstanding deals on the latest outdoor wear and other items.

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching it could be time to start thinking about staff uniforms, seasonal team clothing and personal items such as hats, t-shirts and outer wear that gives off a little festive spirit.  Embroidered clothing and personalised clothing is just the thing when you want to celebrate in style and there are some great options available.  How about having your staff t-shirts embroidered with a ‘Happy Christmas to All Our Customers’ message or have a little fun with reindeer names on the back of staff sweatshirts? 

You’ve got plenty of time to order your embroidered clothing, but it’s good to get your order in within the next few weeks just so you can make the most of the festive period.  Whether you want embroidered clothing for your workforce or yourself you are sure to find some great items that fit the bill.  Have you ever thought that personalised clothing may be a little too expensive?  The good news is that many companies are offering their lines of clothing for much less than on the high street. 

You can place an order for your embroidered Christmas t-shirts and party clothing online today and get instant peace of mind that you have got yourself a great deal and that your order is in hand.  Why not take a look at the great lines of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, bags and many other items besides.  Promotional and party clothing can be quite an investment.  Don’t forget that in a lot of cases it can be worn for a couple of days and then put away again until next year. 

Christmas is a great time to dress up, have a bit of fun, and to promote your business.  Everybody is in a great mood and therefore more receptive to your Christmas message or wearing something a little outlandish.  Ordering your embroidered clothing is easy thanks to the innovative ordering systems that are now available online.  You can choose your clothing quickly and easily and get total peace of mind that you have placed your order and it is being dealt with. 

When you need embroidered clothing for the Christmas season there is a great selection online for you to choose from and it won’t cost you a fortune.  Get your Christmas promotional message printed or order your Christmas party t-shirts and other attire for less. 

John Sheppard, the man responsible for all the great embroidered clothing here at Golden Finishes, used his own embroidered clothing for good last weekend when he completed the Race the annual Sun triathlon-style challenge across the Lake District!

John and his team, kitted out in Golden Finishes’ quality active embroidered clothing, completed a 50 mile bike race, a brutal 3,116ft climb and a 2.5 mile canoe course all to raise money for charity. In the end, the total figure raised by the team was well over £4,000!

It took the team 12 ½ hours to speed, clamber and paddle their way to success and, in winds of up to 55mph, it was no mean feat! John was proud of how well his team and Golden Finishes’ embroidered clothing performed. The constant rain and testing conditions were not enough to dampen the drive of the team or spoil GF's top-quality embroidered clothing and, according to John, the whole thing was “all worth it!”.

The Race the Sun event is held every year in the Lake District to raise money for charity. The long-distance bike ride takes the competitors right through the heart of the stunning area to the foot of Helvellyn, the second highest mountain in England. After scaling the mountain, competitors still have to canoe 2.5 miles across the beautiful Thirlmere lake.

Here at Golden Finishes we are really proud of John and impressed with just how well our embroidered clothing held up under intense, physical pressure. We always knew that our embroidered clothing was of the highest quality but this new evidence of our embroidered clothing’s functionality is the cherry on the cake! Congratulations John!