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Winter is nearly upon us, with the nights getting longer and temperatures falling by the day; it’s getting colder! We British people think we are hardened to this weather, but it’s only bearable if you have the right selection of winter wear. For the first time in a few years I have updated my winter wardrobe, with new coats, gloves and my new favourite item the beanie hat! Now the cold doesn’t bother me at all, I don’t even remember what it was like to be cold.

I wear my new beanie everywhere; to work, to the shops, down to the pub, into town and in the bath. That last one was a small exaggeration but it is so handy to have. There is nothing worse than cold ears! Whilst I would urge everyone to buy one and become as smug as me, I would say that they are ideal for tradesmen and other outside workers.

I think this because they have two practical solutions. The first one being that it will insulate your head were normally most of your heat would dissipate into the atmosphere, hence keeping you warmer. The second is a far less obvious benefit; the fact the beanies cover up your hair! Sometimes when waking up bright and early in the morning you can have a serious case of ‘bed head’. The untidiest, messiest, sticky up bit of hair that anyone has ever seen. This is not what Mrs Jones wants to see first thing in the morning, she want to see a professional looking, polite and skilled tradesman to fix her guttering.

You can become that professional looking builder that is the talk of the town with some branded workwear. This will set you apart from your competitors, get your van branded and carry on raising that brand awareness with your work apparel. But in particular get beanie hats embroidered with your logo this Winter.

At GF we specialise in embroidering garments; using our state of the art techniques that we have developed over the last 30 years. Check our eshop now for the latest in quality winter hats ready to be branded with your company name and logo.

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Get proper winter gear, here!

A personalised hat makes the perfect autumnal business gift for your clients and business associates, and a personalised hat is a really lovely, heartfelt present for friends and family too. Despite the unseasonably hot start to October, the seasons are at last on the turn!

The leaves are turning brown, the evenings are drawing in and there is a distinct nip in the air. Warm up your autumn with a cosy personalised hat from Golden Finishes. We have a personalised hat suitable for every head, from practical beanies, to cute snuggly Peru hats, complete with bobbles, to keep your ears warm!

Our personalised hat collection is totally customisable and, with just a little imagination, you can make a great personalised hat present for a close friend or a whole range of personalised hat wear to give as business gifts.

The beauty of our personalised hat range is that, even though our step-by-step product-building service is really simple, the options you have are huge! Each personalised hat can be customised using high-quality embroidery or top-of-the-range printing and you can place your logo, text or message anywhere you like on your personalised hat, in any size, style and colour you like!

With so many customisable features is it any wonder that a Golden Finishes personalised hat makes such a good seasonal business gift? By making sure your business gifts or team wear is both highly functional and good-looking you can be certain that your brand (or team) name is out there getting recognised!

Best of all, we have just added a whole to range to our personalised hat collection in anticipation of the coming cold-snap! Take a look through our personalised hat selection today and unearth the perfect personalised hat to suit everyone!