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etrader in the news!

Posted by John

This January’s edition of Printwear and Promotion features a two page spread about the website solutions designed specifically for garment decorators. The article tells the story behind the product; where the idea came from and how this notion was acted upon.  It also describes at length the two variations of the websites; the etrader and the etrader + solution. The remaining content is dedicated to the details of the etrader relaunch; there is a new fresh logo design, website, YouTube channel and many more new etrader features.

The etrader team will be at Birmingham NEC on the 24th-26th February this year for the Printwear and Promotion exhibition. Here they will be showing how their website solutions work with live demonstrations as well as answering any queries you have about the website.  

If you didn't receive the January edition of Printwear and Promoton Magazine then you can view it online here (PAGE 70-71):

For more details please visit our new website:


With more than two decades’ experience in the print and embroidery industry, the team at Golden Finishes have developed an innovative website solution for garment decorators everywhere.

Working with a team of leading web developers, we had originally set out to create our own online store. But we quickly realised that the complexity and diverse range of products in the garment decorating industry did not translate easily into the world of online shopping. After much persistence and perseverance we arrived at the first edition of the fully functioning ecommerce platform.

It was a long learning curve, which was both highly capital and labour intensive. As an afterthought we wondered how the average local print and embroidery firm would ever be able to put their business online effectively and for the vast majority we thought that this would be a hard, if not impossible, task.

etrader has since been made available to other garment decorators and there have already been some great results from current etraders. They have all since benefited from a professional and modern online presence; an example of this is Branded Business Clothing 

We developed the website solution to mirror the trade that garment decorators do in their shops. The solution allows owners to change and update their content in real time, as well as controlling brands offered and costs.

Through our own experience in the industry, as well feedback from existing etraders, we are continuing to further improve their solution. We have redesigned the brand and put together a website to accompany the launch of the new and improved etrader website solution.

The improved website solution will have additional product categories, helping it to become even more user-friendly, as well as benefiting from improved search rankings thanks to the optional marketing and social media packs available. The solution gives you the control and tools you need to make your business a success online.

The etrader platform is the only online solution which understands what garment decorators need from a website solution, because it was created by people in the same industry. With functionality and usability at the core of the solution, it provides customers with a simple ordering process with secure transactions guaranteed. It also gives customers the ability to order from an etrader website from anywhere, at any time, whether it’s on a smart phone, tablet or computer. 

To find out more about how our etrader websites can work for you and to see some examples, go to our new website;