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Clothing has seen some changes over the decades.  The 60s bought us the mini-skirt, the 70s was the decade of flares and the 80’s was the decade best left forgotten!  Clothing trends come and go, but until now clothes have rarely performed any other function than providing a fashionable covering or protection for the body.  Our embroidered clothing service offers customisation for many different clothing items, but we haven’t seen any new innovations to hit the clothing market in a long time. Until now!  

Japan has suffered many electricity outages and restrictions recently following the tragic earthquake and tsunami.  Such restrictions have meant many office workers have struggled against the heat as the mercury goes through the roof.  Unable to rely on air cooling fans and air conditioning, office workers have been forced to sit dripping sweat in very hot and humid conditions.  

Often out of desperation comes genius and some clever people at Kuchofuko’s Clothes decided to design special clothing that also provides air conditioning for the body.  The hottest item in their range right now is the air-cooled jacket.  Sporting two cooling fans on each side, the coat allows air to be drawn in and cooled.  The coat then inflates allowing cool air to circulate around the insulated internal walls of the coat cooling the wearer down considerably.  What might seem like a gimmick actually has sound financial and environmental gains.  Whereas offices needed to switch on air conditioning units to cool an entire office, the air conditioned coats now do the job perfectly well at a fraction of the cost.  As a result of keeping air conditioning units switched off, companies can also reduce their carbon footprint.  

Uptake of the coat is growing and the company has sold at least 40,000 air-conditioned products since they first began.  Each coat costs around £80 which seems like a high price, but when you consider the comfort, economic and environmental advantages it is actually quite a small price to pay.  

Air conditioned clothing has so many possibilities.  Factory workers, office workers and construction workers often work in very hot conditions causing drops in productivity.  Being able to keep cool in these conditions would ensure staff are comfortable and more able to carry out tasks more efficiently.  It’s probably only a matter of time before branding starts to be seen on these items of clothing in the form of logos and company names.  It’s not clear yet how that branding will take shape, but possibly in the form of printed or embroidered clothing.  

So watch this space.  The moment that air conditioned clothing comes to the UK we’ll be keeping a close eye on its progress.  We can brand most things and this type of clothing is no exception!  These items would be perfect for our embroidered clothing service and would not only look cool, but keep you cool too!

Ok, so i’m assuming you read last week’s article heralding the coming of summer, and probably went and bought yourself a pair of embroidered shorts as a result. Well I cannot apologise profusely enough. The last thing you need in this weather is a pair of embroidered shorts. Next time I write about summer gear I intend on attaching a disclaimer to the bottom of the article, removing any responsibility from my shoulders should you suffer a bout of hyperthermia as a result. A safer topic this week, embroidered jackets!

For work or play outdoors, our range of embroidered jackets will provide you with the protection you need. Our range includes:

•    Workguard heavy duty combo coats
•    Result waterproof work crew jackets
•    RTY soft shell workwear jackets
•    Result workguard zip sleeve heavy duty pilot jackets
•    And many more...

Here at the GF Shop we offer a full customisation process, making our embroidered jackets perfect for an outdoors workforce. However, as well as protection from the elements, they are also extremely smart and help to create an excellent first impression. And once we have let our highly skilled embroidery team loose on your jacket, who can professionally embroider the name, logo or message most associated with your business onto the lapel, chest or sleeve, you will be left with a rather resplendent over garment.

So if your workforce needs to look smart outside, then our embroidered jackets offer the perfect solution, and at a fantastic price. What’s more, the more you buy, the cheaper the unit price becomes. So browse our selection of embroidered jackets and buy online today. Alternatively, if you would like to talk through any aspect of our embroidered jackets product range or our embroidery process with one of our friendly advisors then call 029 2075 5733 or email

Summer’s here at last; well sort of. Visitors to our fair isle would no doubt snigger in the face of our predominantly overcast, mildly warm days. Well sod them. It’s all we’ve got. And you know how we need to show them just how proud we are of our resplendent British summers? By getting our disappointingly thin, pasty little legs out, that’s how. Look at me Shane from Australia (who’s no doubt found work in your local bar), it may be drizzling outside but i’ve got a pair of embroidered shorts on,  and you know what, you can sneer all you want sunshine, my legs may look like a couple of pipe cleaners, but this is how the Brits enjoy their summer.

Well if you’re looking for the perfect pair of embroidered shorts to frame your pathetic little carriers, look no further than the GF Shop. We have an extensive range of shorts for both men and women from some of the industry’s most recognised brands, and what’s more, they can be tailored to your taste. Our embroidery service enables us to professionally adorn your shorts with a team name, emblem or design of your choosing, which will leave Shane from the bar aghast and drooling into his tasteless Australian lager.

Just have a look at our embroidered shorts collection. We have everything from Henbury chino and cargo shorts for men and women, through to work shorts to keep your employees smart and cool during the tepid summer months. And of course, your work shorts will look all the more dazzling once they are faultlessly embroidered with your business name or logo; just think of the possibilities!

So here’s to the British summer. Buy yourself a high quality but fantastically priced pair of embroidered shorts here at the GF Shop. If nothing else, they’ll be perfect for indoors.

The recent Glastonbury footage, which many of us with nothing better to do of a Sunday evening will have begrudgingly watched, made us think. You know what we thought while we were watching? Well firstly we thought that Beyonce girl isn’t the worst looking creature in the world, but secondly and perhaps more profoundly, we were amazed by the sheer number of flags on show.

Here at the GF Shop we had a mild eureka moment. You see we just happen to sell low cost printed flags. They are literally your blank canvas. Whatever you wish to adorn your printed flags we can oblige. So whether it’s a picture, slogan or message it is all the same to us. We will professionally print the flags guaranteeing a fantastic finish. The only thing you need is a sense of humour. We’ve all seen the printed flags with messages like ‘Brighton Boyz on tour,’ or something similar. Well that’s all well and good, but it’s not really going to get you on the telly. You need something funny so make sure you’ve got your wits about you.

So apart from a fleeting appearance on the telly, what other benefits can you expect from printed flags when you go to a festival? Well, it’s a great way to find your friends. We’ve all been there – you’re a little bit tipsy, you’ve got no idea where you are, you’ve lost all our friends, you’re starting to cry and you feel a little bit delirious. The solution, cast your eyes upwards. Look for the printed flag which says ‘we’re over here you daft drunk’, which your friends have thoughtfully had made especially because apparently you’ve got a bit of a reputation. Dry those eyes and carrying on enjoying the festival!

Alternatively, all you can see is tents; tents and mud. Where’s my little bit of England you think, there’s just so many tents. Then you see it, billowing in the wind. It’s my printed flag the good people at GF made me, and it leads you safely back to your horrible little tent.

If you like the sounds of printed flags, and with this write up you’d be pretty mad not to, then make your way to the GF Shop today.

Excellent news for all you embroidery and custom printing firms out there – the GF Shop is now expanding its business and selling high quality heat printed mugs to the trade. Firms are able to benefit from the fantastic trade prices we offer and add heat printed mugs to their offering.

Printed mugs are an extremely popular product amongst businesses looking for a cost effective way of increasing their exposure. We’ve all seen and used printed mugs, whether at home or in work, and through repeat exposure the message on the brand name or business logo on the mug naturally becomes second nature.

Alternatively our sublimation process offers the option of mugs to be personalised for the individual, by imprinting photographs onto the surface. This makes for perfect presents for special occasions such as birthdays or maybe as a leaving gift. And when purchased for trade you can be assured of a premium quality raw material at an unbelievable price.

Custom clothing and printed mugs go hand and hand, complimenting each other as an offering. If a business is looking to deck out its workforce in custom clothing then they are obviously conscious of their image and the amount of exposure their brand is receiving. There are few more cost effective methods of increasing exposure than with the use of branded products such as printed mugs. This will give your business a fantastic cross-selling opportunity and will have your customers chewing your arm off.

If you would like to discuss the printed mugs we sell to the trade then please do not hesitate to call the GF Shop on 029 2075 5733 or email