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Brummy rockers Black Sabbath have topped the vintage printed t-shirt charts. The band consists of guitarists Tonny Iommi and Geezer Butler, Drummer Bill Ward and The Prince of Darkness himself Ozzy Osbourne. Sales of the US Tour Shirt from 1978 have also been helped thanks to Avengers Assemble star Robert Downey Jr wearing the garment in his latest blockbuster film.

Vintage rock shirts have to be one of the most enduring clothing items. They are often worn by teenagers who were born long before many of the bands split. They are also often worn by models and young popular music acts. Retailer HMV compiled a list of the best-selling classic rock t-shirts and Sabbath finished in Number One position at the end of 2012. Led Zeppelin were just behind; taking second and third spots. Surprisingly The Beatles only made it to number nine in the list with a printed t-shirt featuring their Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album over. Incidentally this is my favourite album cover ever (see previous blog).

HMV's top 10 best-selling classic rock T-shirts for 2012:

1. Black Sabbath - US Tour 78

2. Led Zeppelin - USA 77

3. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day

4. David Bowie - Smoking

5. Bruce Springsteen - Sand Tour

5. Foo Fighters - Gold logo

6. AC/DC - Angus And Brian

7. Metallica - Skull Explosion

8. Rolling Stones - Union Jack Tongue

9. Beatles - Sgt Pepper

10. Guns N'Roses - Appetite For Destruction

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