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Don’t let yourself and your employees suffer in these terrible winter conditions. Keep your brand awareness growing even through the winter periods with our embroidered winter wear. Even if your workforce mainly operates indoors, it is still bitterly cold on a January morning. The temperatures have recently taken a huge dive and today we could even see lows of -7 degrees Celsius. The snow and freezing weather is bad for the United Kingdom but it is still nothing compared to the rigorous tests our embroidered winter wear goes through.

Keep your employees’ cosy and their spirits high even when the weather is dire. That way you will keep the troops motivated and maintain productivity levels. Whilst at the same time promoting your company to the general public and achieving brand consistency in line with signage on vans and other promotional materials. The extra expenditure on winter gear will show you really value your employees and that you really are a team as opposed to situation that some companies find themselves in with The Boss vs The Employees.

Here is a selection of my favourite GF Outer Wear products:

Beechfield Printer’s Hat

These winter hats from Beechfield are especially made for garment decorators to print your company logo, text, design or even the name of the employee. These are a necessity for any outside workers; they really will make the difference as the body loses most of its heat from the head. It is available in both black and navy and it really is a smart addition to your branded workwear.

Result Core Winter Parka




There is no cosier garment in the market, this waterproof, windproof winter parka really is the garment to keep the winter weather at bay. The garment has a soft quilted polyester lining along with a grey fleece inner collar, even the pockets are fleece lined! We can easily brand these garment with your company’s logo. The jackets are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit all needs.

If you’re after some branded winter workwear then look no further than GF, we have a huge range of products in addition to the highlighted pair. Keep your workforce happy and warm, whilst looking good and promoting your brand. It really is a no brainer, browse the range online today, or call our helpful team on 02920 757 733 today.