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At GF it is fair to say we are slightly badge crazy! After 30 years of manufacturing badges, we are still as in love with them as we always have been. This enthusiasm for badge making has fuelled the growth of the company over time. From year to year we have been gaining expertise and we now have a great reputation in the garment decorating industry for both blank and embroidered badges.

We’ve made badges for people all over the UK and further afield. Whether they are name badges for a company, logo badges for a club, achievement badges for a swimming event or souvenir badges for a touring heavy metal band we’ve done it all.

But what is an Embroidered Badge?

We manufacture embroidered badges (or patches-If you are American) using a stitching process on our state of the art machinery. This process can be used on a base cloth to produce individual badges or directly onto a garment or other product. The result of this is a textured design that is raised up from the fabric, helping it stand out from the garment. 

Badges embroidered onto base cloth, can be cut out to produce unique, individual items which can be sewn, ironed or glued onto garments, bags or anything you want really.

Why Choose Embroidered Badges?

Many embroidered logos are better suited to badges rather than being directly onto the garment. 

This is for a number of reasons:

1. The garment may already have been bought by the customer and the postage costs of getting it to the embroidery machine may not be viable

2. The position for the desired embroidery maybe to awkward to carry out with the embroidery machine.

3. The stitch count of the logo maybe too much for the garment material to hold

4. Financially it may be better to produce a large batch of badges all in one go. This works in the case that there are more recipients that will join later such as with a school or a sports club.

Badge making is a skill we have developed over thirty years. We produce quality computer programs which deliver high class designs using only the very best materials.  For a high quality, low cost badge making service then call GF today on 02920 755733, visit our eshop or send an email to