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What materials are used for our blank badges?

Readyrange products are made with all forms of branding in mind.  The White blank products are made from 100% polyester material and are perfect for sublimation.  40 seconds at between 200 and 210 degrees gives perfect results. The overlocked edges can easily withstand these temperatures.  

Coloured fabrics are 65/35% polyester cotton fabrics and successfully take vinyl transfers, screen print and embroidery.

Do the badges take sublimation transfers?

White readyrange badges are made with 100% polyester fabric and will give you the brilliant results that you expect.  40 seconds at 200 degrees usually gives perfect results but YOU will know your inks and papers.

How can I fix the readyrange badges to a garment?

The best way to attach one of our blank badges is with a needle and thread. However a heatseal adhesive version of the badge is available (at additional cost) where the badge can be stuck to the garment. However you must bear in mind that all fabrics have a nap -'fluff' so sticking fabrics together are difficult especially once washing is introduced.

A third method of attachment is the use of buying our badges which have male velcro sewn to the back of the badge (The prickly side!) and then the female side is sewn to the garment.    

How do I embroider our sew on badges?

All embroidery machines are different but frame up some tearaway backing material.  Put a template line on the embroidery program the shape of the badge and run the template.  Place the readyrange badge on the template line with doublesided stickytape and continue the embroidery program, trim and briefly press.

Can I embroider our blank pennants?

Even easier than embroidering onto readyrange badges.  Frame up a piece of non woven backing tearaway and on the embroidery program put a running stitch outline of the blank pennant.  Fix the readyrange pennant in place with sticky tape and continue with the embroidery. Trim and press.

Disclaimer: Framing the readyrange blank penannt will leave a hoop mark.

What is the best printing process for blank sashes?

readyrange printable ribbon sashes are perfect for CAD printing.  Whether a vinyl transfer or just vinyl letters the printing is completed in 15 seconds at 150 degrees. Our blank sashes offer full flexibility when it comes to printing.

Are there any delivery charges?

Carriage is free of charge.  Morning or timed delivery will be charged as extra. Contact our customer services team on 02920741662 or email us at for more info and to discuss your delivery needs.

Are these the only sizes and shapes available for your blank products?

Non standard shapes and sizes can be produced but you will need to contact us by email or phone. If it is at all possible we will try and help.

How do you wash the blank badges pennants and sashes?

Although sashes and pennants do get dirty, we would not recommend them to be washed!

I have a question that is not asked here. How can I get an answer?

Send us an email or talk to our experienced customer services so we can help whatever the question, our experienced team at readyrange will be more than happy to help.


Warranty & Guarantee

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