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We’re not the sort of people here at the GF Shop to make a big song and dance about just anything. As a group we are restraintful, reserved and exceptionally well mannered. But every once in a while we like people to realise just what a unique service it is we offer, so that is exactly what we’ve done.

The reason for our sudden burst of excitement: we’ve only gone and launched our brand new website. And what a beauty it is too. The trouble we’ve found with the custom printed clothing market, although many retailers have an online presence, it is almost impossible to buy custom promotional clothes without having to pick up the phone, talk through your order, discuss customisation options, before finally deciding on a price. Our genius new site manages to do what so many have tried before, it allows you to choose your product, decide on customisation options and purchase online with just a few clicks of your mouse. And importantly, in an industry renowned for hidden costs and add-ons, the price you pay is displayed clearly throughout the ordering process, so you know exactly what it is you’re paying for.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we only went and handed out free ice cream! Never have so many happy faces been seen under one false roof.

Check out our new site for yourselves and see just how easy we’ve made it to order your custom printed clothing online.

They’re a talkative rabble our lot here at the GF Shop. So just imagine our amazement as the fear set in, and excited chirps turned to nervous whispers. That’s right, for their sins, we gave the team a day’s leave from their custom clothing duties, and took them for an exciting day spent paintballing.

Now those of you who have been paint balling before will be well aware of the pain one can incur from a small paint pellet shot. Who would have thought it is possible to develop a lump the size of a marrow on your forehead from one small paintball. Well take my word for it, it happens. So we decided not to tell our joyous little team about the painful bit of paintballing before they ventured off into the woods. That explains the smiles in the photo. The photo we took after the event is more akin to a scene from Saving Private Ryan, absolute carnage everywhere; and not a smile in sight, but we’ve stored that in the archives.

If you’d like any assistance from our custom clothing crack shots, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom printed clothing is a real winner amongst speciality advertising retailers, often providing many of their bestsellers. So just why is it that custom printed clothing far surpasses orders received for other promotional goods? Well we think the answer is pretty simple.

Custom printed clothing has an unbelievably wide appeal. Firstly it is cheap. The more you buy the lower the cost per unit, so for bulk orders it is an extremely cost effective method of marketing your business. For the business savvy amongst you, custom printed clothing is also one of the few items which benefits from a resale value. Many businesses with a brand which is recognised by the general public will be able to sell their promotional clothing directly to their target market. So essentially, their target audience will be paying for the honour of advertising your business for you. Now that’s a perk!

As well as being affordable, custom printed clothing is also suitable for an extremely wide demographic. Due to the massive range of garments we sell, there really is something for every taste. Whether it’s a product which is suitable for both genders such as a baseball cap or a t-shirt, or a more fitted garment which comes in sizes for men and women specifically, such items appeal to a tremendously broad range of people.

One particularly common use of custom printed clothing is as a work uniform. Your employees will create a professional first impression, essential for any role where customer contact is a necessity. We offer a massive range of clothing you could kit your staff out in, with your choice being dependant on the type of image you wish to create.

Our promotional clothing also extends to uniforms for sports teams and associations, so whatever it is you are into, you can represent your team with pride. You will cut a fine figure in your numbered shirt with your team badge embroidered onto the chest. What better way to build team spirit.

If you are looking for any type of custom printed clothing, then The GF Shop is sure to stock the smart, low cost solution to meet your every need!

If you’re oblivious to the recent furore surrounding Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange, you must have spent the last six months living a Robinson Crusoe-esque existence, foraging for morsels and making things out of plants. For those of you who have been living in such a way, firstly welcome back, secondly – here’s a quick background:

Wikileaks is a not for profit organisation set up with the aim of publishing submissions of private, secret and classified media highlighting government and corporate misconduct. Most famously, the organisation recently published top secret documents they received from an American soldier, prompting international unrest and straining the relations between many heads of state.

With this in mind, here at the GF Shop we were a little bit surprised when we learnt Wikileaks’ next big adventure was to try its hand at the custom clothing market - Wikileaks has gone commercial!

Following the arrest of Julian Assange, Wikileaks has fallen on hard times financially, so have decided to delve wholeheartedly into the world of custom clothing, producing a range of t-shirts and mugs with assorted supportive slogans. Have a look, see what you think...


Predicted to become universally popular amongst students (my prediction anyway), will they reach the dizzy heights of the iconic Che Guevara t-shirts, which at one time adorned every supposed rebellious teenager in Britain, let’s wait and see.

If you want to make a statement of your own, contact The GF Shop today. We are the custom clothing revolutionaries!