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For diehard ski-fans the ski season is already upon us and, come December, those with a love of snow will be heading for the slopes! If you’re heading out for the ski season, make sure you stock up on personalised outerwear to keep your group safe, snug and identifiable on the slopes!

Investing in some personalised outerwear will help your group to look good, keep warm and bond! The other huge benefit of personalised outerwear is that, when you add your own unique design to our personalised outerwear, your group are instantly identifiable.

It can be easy to lose your chums out skiing in snowy conditions, especially when everyone is bundled up in ski goggles and bulky jackets. Creating your very own personalised outerwear ensures that you never have to get separated again! Here at Golden Finishes we supply and create a brilliant selection of high-performing, top-quality personalised outerwear for keen skiiers. Here are out favourite personalised outerwear products for the ski season:

Our ladies ski trousers have been created to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. They are top quality and have been designed to give you complete freedom of movement, perfect for those dramatic black pistes! Best of all, they are totally customisable. Our customisable outwear allows you to add the text and design of your choice to our quality garmets. Help drum up some team camaraderie with a fun team logo or help your group bond by adding your ski group name or motto!

Meanwhile, our personalised outwear section also includes a fantastic range of ski jackets, suitable for all weathers. These ski jackets are breathable, windproof and waterproof too! You can add any text or design you like to our personalised outwear products, just use our simple step-by-step online customisation tool or call out helpful team on 02920755733 now!