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Excellent news for all you embroidery and custom printing firms out there – the GF Shop is now expanding its business and selling high quality heat printed mugs to the trade. Firms are able to benefit from the fantastic trade prices we offer and add heat printed mugs to their offering.

Printed mugs are an extremely popular product amongst businesses looking for a cost effective way of increasing their exposure. We’ve all seen and used printed mugs, whether at home or in work, and through repeat exposure the message on the brand name or business logo on the mug naturally becomes second nature.

Alternatively our sublimation process offers the option of mugs to be personalised for the individual, by imprinting photographs onto the surface. This makes for perfect presents for special occasions such as birthdays or maybe as a leaving gift. And when purchased for trade you can be assured of a premium quality raw material at an unbelievable price.

Custom clothing and printed mugs go hand and hand, complimenting each other as an offering. If a business is looking to deck out its workforce in custom clothing then they are obviously conscious of their image and the amount of exposure their brand is receiving. There are few more cost effective methods of increasing exposure than with the use of branded products such as printed mugs. This will give your business a fantastic cross-selling opportunity and will have your customers chewing your arm off.

If you would like to discuss the printed mugs we sell to the trade then please do not hesitate to call the GF Shop on 029 2075 5733 or email