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GF against the Badge Cull

Posted by John

Oh it's the badger cull not badge, I thought the Goverment were going to stop us making quality badges for a minute then. At GF we have developed our skills as badge makers over the last 30 years. We provide a badge making service to suit the needs of all businesses. No matter how complex the design is or what material we use, we guarantee our finished product will be second to none. We use state of the art computer programs to give your design the finish and precision that you require. We are badge making fanatics with a broad range of badge options for our broad range of customers, here are the badge making options we provide:

Embroidered Badges (where the image is sewn on top of the fabric)

Printed Badges (involving sublimation process where the print is actually within the fabric itself)

Woven Badges (the fabric is woven so the design is within the material – ideal for small text and detail)

Plain Blank Badges (A range of badges ready to be adorned with your print / transfer)


Wire badges (hand made using gold and silver wire)

If you need a high quality and low cost badge making service then give us a call on 02930 755733